10 Awesome LinkedIn Company Banners To Inspire Yours

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

With a little effort (or the help of our Fuel Agency design team!) your LinkedIn Company Page can become a dynamic piece of employer branding - to lift you above your competitors and showcase what's special about your workplace. These recruitment teams have done a brilliant job with that simple LinkedIn rectangle...



A nice example from Visa of how 'small design' can be massively effective. Your brand colours, a tagline or message that resonates with candidates (this one talks directly to those high-performing passionate types), and a call to action is all you need. 

Which brings us to another point that this very simple banner does well - let people know you're hiring! Make it clear you want to hear from them, whether you have a specific vacancy right now or not. The very best passive talent these days aren't 'passive' at all - they've always got their eye out for a great opportunity.



This Company Page banner from Hershey's packs a whole lot of meaning and value into a small space. In one 646-by-200 pixel rectangle, they showcase the vast family of brands that sit within the Hershey's corporate family, a cross-section of their staff and roles, and the celebrated history of the company (established in 1894). 

Remember that these days, people expect a job to be much more than a pay packet, they expect it to reflect their values, and make them feel like they belong somewhere important - like they've found their 'tribe'. 


AirBnB connect home owners with travellers to offer 'homes away from home' right around the world. We love how their tagline speaks to both consumers and candidates - very clever. We also love that AirBnB have displayed their logo in a really unique way - this adds so much more meaning and emotion (more of a 'story') than just your bog-standard logo plonked on the banner. 

And if that weren't enough, they've managed to add another awesome idea into this one little rectangle - promoting their social media recruitment hashtag!



Their products and services may be at the leading-edge of tech, and they may be a very large complex and multi-national company, but IBM stop us in our tracks with an important message: That all their success comes down to individual people, and that great innovations begin with the humble idea.


Your LinkedIn Company Page is the ideal banner on which to celebrate a milestone in your business. (Hey, we can't all have 100,000 LinkedIn followers, but there are plenty of other company achievements - big or small - we could be sharing with our prospective new hires!)


Oh, Lego - we love you. (How great is the tiny water cooler?) 

When brainstorming ideas for your recruitment marketing, try imagining your workplace from a perspective other than an employee's. For example: from the perspective of your products or services, from the point-of-view of a customer, or how about a staff member's children, or a member of the community? Our creative team can help, with clever new ways of thinking about what you offer.


When your brand is an icon, you don't need to shout. This beautifully simplistic LinkedIn recruitment banner from Air New Zealand speaks to the quiet pride that comes from donning the uniform. 


While we're not crazy about the design, we included this to show just how easy it is to create something that will still be head and shoulders above combine a few fail-safe ingredients for a LinkedIn Company Banner that will still be better than most. 


Try visualising your brand message in a new way. We love how Zendesk have done this with their memorable LinkedIn banner.


Leave it to Apple to take the cake.
You know - for all the times that little cord has saved our bacon, we'd never once given a thought to the person who designed it. Apple do a genius job of articulating themselves as the place if you want to help shape our world's future. 
(Just remember that almost every company has something about it that is inspiring - to the right type of person. You don't need to design smart-watches to be an aspirational workplace.)

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