are the days of employer branding numbered?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Employer brand was a term coined in the late 1980's. But are we doing our organisations a disservice by having a separate term for marketing the workplace? Rather than being on the periphery of business strategy, employer brand is becoming a central element to companies' success...

Now, more than ever, it's not so much employer brand and consumer brand... it’s just your brand.  The perception of your employer brand fundamentally affects the perception and value of your brand overall.

It's about creating a brand that is loved
 - by its people and the public.

Today’s most successful recruiters and HR teams work in full collaboration with their company's Marketing department, to create a research-based and authentic employer brand, one that truly resonates with its staff. After all, the strength of an employer brand can be directly linked to achievement of business objectives.

An employment brand is such an integral part of your overall brand that it should be elevated to be visible even to your target consumer.

You should promote it on your website's home page, not only in the Careers section. A large percentage of the people who visit your website are there looking for jobs - so catch them quickly and show them how much you value your team.

Today's most powerful talent brands are absolutely authentic, but also highly specific and narrow in their focus. Rather than creating a talent funnel, you create a tunnel - of just the right sort of people, which means better candidates and money saved on screening.

To re-invent your employer brand, and so augment and improve your overall brand, contact the team at Fuel Agency.

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