Digital Marketing Case Study- August edition.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Recently here at Fuel we've had the chance to do some fantastic and rather important campaigns for some great organisations around the country. In this instalment we're going to focus on 2 particular campaigns focusing on the power of digital marketing and the results a well run and well-managed campaign can have when you need to get the message out.

Otago Regional Council wanted to run a Wallaby awareness campaign targeted to North and Central Otago. Wallabies are bad from the point of view that they devour productive land and compete with biodiversity and if spotted, need to be eradicated.

We developed a creative campaign based on propaganda imagery used in wartime - supported by linking the Wallaby to invaders and making a strong call to action: “Identify, Report & Destroy”. Information was given on how to identify these 'intruders' and then what to do when one is spotted.

We designed collateral for the campaign including a DL flyer that was mail dropped to 14,000 homes in selected areas. A range of posters were also designed, produced, and hung up around the region supported with smaller print ads in local newspapers to reach an audience in both urban and rural locations.

The online campaign presented 165,000 animated banners across websites and social media platforms, resulting in huge amounts of awareness for the campaign and the message.

The artwork for the campaign was so successful we even had people requesting the design on t-shirts and posters so they could hang the work in their garages or offices. Awesome.



The Western Bay of Plenty District Council wanted to attract qualified Building Consent Officers to the region. This is a sector of the workforce suffering a shortage across the country and qualified talent is extremely hard to find.

Targeting Auckland and Sydney we used a mix of traditional and digital media to deliver the message across a range of platforms resulting in a great response from a notoriously difficult audience to reach. Using targeted digital media such as Facebook ads, search advertising, Programmatic and remarketing. These ads ran concurrently with a number of radio ads played on George FM and The Rock in key areas to attract attention from people stuck in traffic. 

This media mix reached across all audiences engaging the maximum amount of people.

The campaign resulted in a number of full-time positions being filled as people from metropolitan areas saw the ads and responded to the message.






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