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Friday, November 21, 2014

Showing off your employer brand in a clever, creative way can really set you apart from bigger names with bigger budgets, and help you get the attention of hard-to-impress quality candidates that fit your culture. With this in mind (and because it's Friday) we've rounded-up a bunch of recruitment ads to inspire your next one...


Put your skills to better use! Great concept and easily created on a small budget. Remember, a creative recruitment campaign doesn't have to cost thousands to produce.


Another hot one from Macca's! And here's a tip - hone your recruitment advertising down to the one most tangible, desirable 'selling point' of joining your organisation, and focus your advertising creative on that.


To work in a lively bar environment, you need a sense of humour and a quick mind - making this the perfect recruitment ad for such a position. This simple, small black and white ad punches well above its weight!


If you're going to work in radio sales, you'll need to. 


Classic recruitment genius from Apple.

This viral video from Twitter (with over 1 million views!) absolutely nails clever and memorable recruitment. It's a parody of cliche recruitment videos, and even the CEO stars in it.

Bonus takeaway tip from this one - come up with a short, memorable tagline for your campaign, and use it as a custom call-to-action: a URL (linking to your careers website); a hashtag; a new @username for social media,; or even a special email address for applications. Here, Twitter uses @jointheflock

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