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Monday, June 30, 2014

A well-oiled company culture is key to attracting quality employees and keeping your business moving forward…

But what is workplace culture? It can be defined as:

the collection of (often-unwritten) rules, codes of behaviour, values and norms by which people operate in a workplace.

Or more simply, it's "the way of life" at your workplace!

Whether you've consciously created it or not, your business does have a culture. And right now, it's having an effect on the health of your business - for better or for worse.

Culture is every bit as important as your business strategy, because it either strengthens or undermines what you are trying to achieve.

Having a strong culture also helps staff feel 'on purpose'. Studies show a strong correlation between employees who feel engaged, valued and happy at work, and those who say their organisation has a clearly articulated and lived culture.

And while business executives tend to think competitive compensation and financial performance are the top factors influencing workplace culture, employees actually rank the intangibles - things like regular and candid communication and access to management - as outweighing tangibles like compensation.

Over the past few years, Fuel Agency has evolved from providing creative and media management for job ads, to now delivering 360 degrees of communications services for HR departments - from crafting powerful new employer brands to creating induction programmes for new team members. We also help companies define and direct their culture.

Ready to fundamentally transform your workforce and usher in an exciting new era for your business? Contact us to start work on your culture and employer brand today.

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