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Friday, August 01, 2014
Pinterest is one of the Internet's fastest-growing social media platforms, and for many businesses offers a legitimate avenue for reaching new customers. 

Did you know that Pinterest currently drives more traffic to websites than LinkedIn and Twitter combined? If you're pinning but not yet winning, here are a few key tips... 

keyword friendly

When people are proactively looking for something on Pinterest, they'll use Pinterest's keyword search to find it! They can do a keyword search for Pins (default), Pinners, or Boards. 

To appear in relevant search results, you need to optimise your Pinterest account accordingly. First, tweak your Account Name/Pinterest Name to include keywords. For example, if you're a party supplies company called Have A Ball, your Pinterest account name shouldn't just be Have A Ball, but Have A Ball Party Supplies! 

The same applies to the names of your Pinterest Boards (remember, people can search by Board) and also to the captions you give your pins - it is worth the effort to caption each of your pins well, including keywords you want to be fund under in your Pin description. 

is your website popular with pinners?

To see who is pinning images (and products) from your website - and how often - simply go to (replace '' with your business' web address). You'll see all the pins added to Pinterest that have come from your website! 

pin consistently

Studies show that, to grow your Pinterest following, it is much, much better to pin 5 things every day, say, than to pin 40 things once a week, or 100 things once every few weeks! 

So, like you should be doing with all your social media channels, set aside a little time each and every day to work with Pinterest. 

pin at optimal times of the day

There will be certain times of the day when more of your followers and customers are online, exploring Pinterest. If your target market are working professionals, for example, they're more likely to be pinning in the evenings and weekends. 

Experiment to discover when the best times are, as your 'return on investment' could be significantly better if you Pin at strategic times. You can even pre-schedule Pins (this helps with both timing and the aforementioned daily consistency), using an affordable service like 

leverage other social media

If you have lots of followers on Facebook or Twitter, you can use these channels to grow your Pinterest numbers. Set your Pinterest account to automatically share new Pins on Facebook or Twitter. It's a no-effort-required way to remind these followers that you're active on Pinterest. 

And if you don't want to bombard your followers with multiple pins per day, pick one day a week to add a 'What we're Pinning' status on Facebook. Create a collage of recent popular Pins and upload it as a photo to your Facebook Page, with a link (of course) back to Pinterest. 

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