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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Ok, ok, we're always beating the employer branding drum - but who can you look to for real-world inspiration? Check out these four companies - they're marketing their workplaces strongly, and they just might give you some clever new recruitment ideas...


Adobe knows that many of its staff, and its future staff, use Twitter. So the Adobe recruitment team launched a Twitter hashtag, #adobelife, and along with using it themselves from the corporate Twitter account, they made sure all current employees knew about it. Adobe staff have truly embraced the idea, and now anyone wanting an authentic behind-the-scenes glimpse of life at Adobe can see the variety of work, work mates and 'extra curricular' benefits on offer simply by checking out the hashtag. 





Yes, it's scary letting employees have control over things in the public domain, but that kind of accountability and responsibility can also really make your staff feel trusted and important. Deloitte don't need us to tell them that, they've actually got a special Twitter account that gets managed by a different employee each week

So if you're struggling to find time to run your social media accounts, get your employees to do it. As long as you set some common-sense parameters and policies, this could be both a culture-building initiative and also the long-awaited answer to a thriving social media channel (one that's interesting, authentic and doesn't require additional resource!). And if Twitter isn't quite the right channel for your employer brand to be showcased, have employees run a Facebook, LinkedIn or even Instagram account. 


Z Energy

We all know by now that the single most powerful recruitment method is employee referral. So it makes sense to leverage the social channel that's specifically focused on connecting our employees to their professional friends, peers and contemporaries... LinkedIn.

Getting as many of your staff as possible to connect with your LinkedIn Company Page could well be the rocket fuel your recruitment marketing needs. According to research, employees are 70% more likely to engage with your Company Page updates than non-employees. And every time they like or share your updates, they make your updates visible to their network. Imagine the recruiting power of your staff sharing job openings with all of their professional networks. 

And when that talented passive candidate is researching your company to see if they think they'll fit in, their chances of knowing someone (or knowing someone who knows someone) who works with you is far, far greater if you have a decent percentage of your employees connected to your LinkedIn Page.

So, make like Z Energy and create a dynamic, branded Company Page, then encourage as many of your employees as possible (in Z Energy's case, 469 of them!) to connect with it.



Yes, it's a relative newcomer to the employer branding arsenal, but if Instagram's phenomenal power and uptake in consumer marketing is anything to go by, recruiters need to start looking at it... well, now. Here's some stats for you - the number of Instagram users has already surpassed Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Twitter! In fact, half of all Internet-using young adults (18-29) are on Instagram, and most are using it every day. So if you're targeting Millennials, Instagram is a need-to-know.

Marriott Hotels' Careers channel on Instagram is one great account to check out. 


If you're unsure which social media channel(s) to use - and how - to maximise your recruitment marketing efforts, get in touch with the Fuel team - it's what we specialise in!

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