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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

We've recently been through a transformative time, focusing down on what makes Fuel great, and at how our brand communicates that.

We interviewed our staff, our prospective clients, our current clients... even our suppliers! And along the way, we were hunting for insights. 

Insight can be defined as:

the act of understanding the inner nature of things.
the power of acute observation and deduction, penetration, perception. 

big, hairy truths

Insights are big, hairy truths about your business - its strengths and weaknesses, its culture. Insights aren't fluffy surface-level thoughts, and they certainly aren't 'management speak'.

Insights are profound realisations about your business; understandings that really cut to the heart of the matter.

a-ha moments

You know when you find one. Sometimes, it feels like an epiphany! Other times, the feeling is a small 'a-ha' moment. Either way, when you dig out an insight, there's a knowing, in your gut, that what you've just learned is special.

Insights show you - warts and all - what needs to be fixed. Insights aren't always pretty, but they're always real. And for better or worse, if your business is to become an adored and advocated brand, you need them.

show your true colours

Insights help you define truly what makes your business unique. When you use insights to craft your brand, what you end up communicating back to your customers and staff is not just something that looks smart or sounds clever - but something that will resonate with them, something they will instinctively feel as being real. 

And that's powerful.

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