Inspirational Recruitment Advertising

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Need a little inspiration for your upcoming recruitment campaign? Check out these best-of-the-best recruitment ads from around the world...

This short, simple recruitment TVC dates all the way back to 2006 - but people still talk about it being the greatest military ad ever. Talk about memorable!

Of course, the US Navy's campaigns have long been leaders of the recruitment ad category.  In this attention-grabbing The Navy Landed Me Here series, potential recruits are shown how a career in the military can lead to a number of other superb careers (architect, CEO and medical professional respectively).

Brilliant! This clever recruitment ad would especially speak to IT industry candidates... 

When your best talent are already working for the competitor, you've gotta get real creative!
This inspired campaign by Scholz & Friends put their agency right in front of creatives working at other agencies. Over a period of a month, every pizza order made by one of the competitor agencies would arrive with one extra special pizza - with tomato sauce applied like a QR code, that could be scanned to a special mobile landing page... letting creatives know that Scholz & Friends were hiring. The result? 12 job interviews with quality candidates and a number of successful hires.

An awesome way to communicate some of the highlights and benefits of a career with UBC, and to make them feel more personal to the reader.
Great way to spin it! Hand your candidates a resignation letter template (which cleverly mentions all the reasons they're frustrated with their job and all the wonderful reasons they're moving to your organisation!) We also love that this company left just one simple email address as the call to action. Candidates not smart enough to work out what to do next need not apply!

Want to sell the lifestyle? Put them in the picture! This ad illustrates one key way to create an attention-grabbing recruitment campaign - take the main benefit of joining your organisation and really make it the superstar of the creative!

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