Inspiring Careers Websites (with ideas to steal!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Check out these inspiring careers websites, from organisations who really know how to market their workplaces to candidates!

Click the links to explore these career sites yourself - see what grabs your attention and engages you, then perhaps you can use a similar tool or tactic on your own careers website (by the way, we can help you with that!).



This American social media management company has excellent people profiles, in the form of short videos. They're full of personality, and the staff ambassadors they've chosen encompass a wide variety of roles, ages, genders and nationalities - to show diversity of staff and positions.


Apple know that the work they do is genuinely world-changing and culture defining, and they're not afraid to tell people that. After all, today's best talent want to know they're working for a company with a purpose that's beyond just profit. If your company does something special or inspiring, if you really stand for something, make sure candidates know about it - boldly - the very moment they land on your careers website.


This New Zealand start-up is fast becoming the next big thing in cloud tech companies, and with a careers website like this, we can see why they're fast becoming an employer of choice for our brightest young things. 

Before we even get to website features, the copywriting rates a mention. It's snappy and succinct, with a real conversational feel and pops of quirky humour. Vend knows that work doesn’t always need to be serious; you just need to seriously love what you do. If you want to hire dynamic, outgoing and charismatic people, why would you introduce yourself to them in dry corporate speak? Exactly - you wouldn't!

As you explore Vend's careers site, small features break up the larger pieces of content - adding personality and keeping the reader's attention. These include a quote from a company senior which gives a sense of leadership and charisma, and a quick tip that every new staff member gets a sweet pair of Chuck Taylors, in Vend green!


One of our favourite aspects of the Vend careers website is their 'Are We Compatible'? quiz. It's an easy (and dare I say it, fun!) quiz to take which helps Vend see how well you'll fit in with their culture. Powered by Weirdly, a recruitment app designed here in NZ "to help you find those weird commonalities that make people the perfect fit for your organisation."



This British television network employs a couple of stand-out ideas on their careers websites. One is an infographic to show (by how a programme gets from idea to on-air) all the different departments and roles in the business, and how they interact. Infographics are an awesome way to articulate complex information in an easy-to-digest and memorable way.


We also love their 'We're a Network that likes to network' page, which has their Twitter and Facebook feeds embedded, and (best of all) a LinkedIn widget, which allows a jobseeker to see who they know within the company!


As you'd expect, there's loads to love about Google's careers website - but there's one idea in particular we think you should consider including in yours... Google has a How We Hire section, giving candidates a deeper understanding of how they interview, and how they decide. Help your candidates understand the interview process so they arrive prepared, and ready to present their best selves.

 Z Energy
Put yourself in the shoes of someone considering a job at a service station. Then watch this company intro video by New Zealand's Z, and tell me who you'd rather work for - Shell, BP, Caltex... or these guys?

We also love that Z have included a full electronic version of their well-designed, engaging Values booklet (called The Z Why) online, so that anyone interested in joining them can easily find out, in great detail, what the company stands for and how they do things.


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