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Monday, March 23, 2015

A brand new study has shown how a change of perspective in your job ads can significantly increase the quantity and quality of applicants...

Researchers at the Edwards School of Business (at one of the largest universities in Canada) have undertaken research into how the content of a recruitment advertisement can effect the quality of candidates applying for the role. 

The study involved changing the wording of scores of genuine job ads in one of two ways. Either:

1  Emphasising the characteristics/qualities the company was looking for in an employee, or

2  Emphasising what the company could offer the successful new employee.

The research team then measured:

1  The number of times the ad was viewed,

2  The number of applicants the ad generated, and

3  The quality of candidate (by rating from recruiter)

The Results...

The study found that the second type of job ad content - an emphasis was on what the company could offer an employee - was more successful across all of the measures. 

In fact, ads that emphasised what a candidate stood to gain elicited 3 x as many responses from the highest-quality-rated applicants.

Easy and Affordable
Changing the perspective and emphasis of your recruitment ads - the copy that you write - is a simple, speedy and inexpensive way to significantly improve the calibre of the candidates applying for your roles.

Of course, there will still be some 'screening' content you'll need to include, particularly around levels of qualifications or experience - but telling prospects what you can offer them if they were to join you can have a big impact on who applies.

Want some help?
Our in-house copywriters can tweak your job ads to appeal more to high-quality candidates, emphasising what a career with your organisation could mean for them personally and professionally. Plus, our media planners could also save you time and cost on your recruitment advertising! Talk about a win-win. Contact our team today to chat about the options...

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