key questions to ask when building your employer brand

Monday, September 22, 2014

By now, most modern companies are aware of the bottom-line benefits of consciously developing an employer brand - fewer costs associated with staff turnover, better quality candidates, much higher employee referrals... to name but three… So perhaps, with these and other benefits in mind, you've already started thinking about crafting an employer brand. But where do you begin?

You begin by understanding your current employer brand.

That's right, whether you meant to or not, you do have an employer brand!
And it also has a value (positive or negative).

Here are some of the questions you need to ask - yourself, your staff and your prospective candidates - to assess your current employer brand.

  What are your strengths as an employer?
  What are your weaknesses as an employer? 
  What do competitors offer that you don't?
  What do you offer that your competitors don't?
  What do your employees like - honestly - about working for you?
  What do your employees dislike - honestly - about working for you?
  Think about the last two years of resignations - what were the reasons for those staff moving on?
  What drives candidates to apply for your jobs?
  What prevents better candidates from applying for your jobs?
  Are you offering competitive pay?
  Where and how are you advertising your jobs?
  What messages do you deliver - on purpose and otherwise - through your recruitment advertisements?
  Do you have a Careers section on your website? Is it regularly updated?
  Do you talk about your staff and employment in your company on social media?
  How often do you 'hire from within' by promotion and staff development?
  How often do you ask staff how they feel about their role and about the company?
Remember, we are one of New Zealand's leading specialists in employer branding and recruitment marketing. We create compelling employer brands and then help our clients to communicate and manage them in such a way that they become part of the very fabric of an organisation.

To find out more about the employer branding process and how we can help you, contact us!

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