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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

It's all very well telling you to engage with your candidate community on social media channels, but what are you supposed to talk about? Inspired by some of NZ's best Careers accounts, we've rounded up a swag of ideas on content you can share...


When your employees are doing something interesting outside of (and not related to) work, share it! This shows candidates they'll be amongst diverse, interesting colleagues - and working for an employer who encourages and champions personal achievements, not just achievements in the office.


Every new employee (or bunch of new hires) should get the star treatment by being introduced on your social media channel on their first day/first week!


... and for that matter, why not thank a departing staff member and wish them well!
(If you're all getting together for cake, share a virtual slice with your social media followers.)


When exciting or interesting things happen in your business, don't think it's only your customers who want to hear about it, your prospective employees (and current team) do too!  So when the marketing team starts spreading the word about a promotion or an event, that's your cue to spread the word to your candidate community. 


Highlight professional development and off-site activities by sharing a pic from your 'office for the day'. 




Share your business' successes!
Awards, the launch of a new product or service, milestone achievements and more... it's great for talent to know they'll be joining a proactive and progressive organisation.


Ask talent what they think of your employer brand, like Warehouse Stationery did last year. Offer an incentive to participate, and you might just end up with the quickest, most cost-effective workplace perceptions survey you've ever run!


Or ask just one specific question about what your talent community want from you, like Vodafone did recently. And don't forget to include your current staff in the conversation. (This post received 22 comments and 125 likes, how's that for awesome engagement!) 


It shouldn't all be about business. People have chosen to follow you because they like what you're about, and chances are high they share interests that are parallel to the work that you do, and the industry you're in. Vodafone NZ know their staff (and people who'd want to become staff) are passionate about their smartphones, so this story of how an iPhone survived a drop from space was bound to grab some attention.

Remember, simply posting vacancies (and nothing else) isn't going to help you communicate the vibe and culture of your workplace, or attract the type of quality candidates you want. And don't forget to have some fun with it!

Did you enjoy these content ideas for your recruitment social media? Let us know and we'll do a Part Two with even more!

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