5 Great Recruitment Videos (with ideas to steal!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Check out 5 of the most effective, engaging and entertaining recruitment videos... 

Ideas to Steal:

  Have one employee (a good employer 'brand ambassador') be the main video host, taking viewers on a tour - candidates are much more likely to relate to a fellow employee than a senior manager.
  Script your video in such a way that it will work for any vacancy, in any department
  Keep your video under 2 minutes - the best talent are busy!

Ideas to Steal:

  Use a range of techniques (stop-motion, still photos, live action filming, motion graphics etc) for a dynamic video that keeps attention to the last second.
  Pick one key focus/core message for your video. BambooHR wanted to counter generalisations made about web start-ups, to ensure candidates know that healthy work-life balance is their number one priority. So instead of focusing on what happens from 9-5 (as most recruitment videos do), they flipped the script to show employees' '5-9'. 

Brilliant interactive video from Deloitte NZ which asks graduates what they would do in various workplace scenarios. Have a go yourself - press play, and get ready to make a bunch of decisions to see how they play out, and to see if you would fit in with the Deloitte NZ culture!

Ideas to Steal:

  Use your video to highlight your key values!
  The 'POV' (point of view) perspective is a unique way to shoot a video, to really make the candidate feel like they're being put into the action
  Interactive videos are extremely engaging, immersive and memorable (and are more likely to be shared amongst peers and colleagues!)

While your budget might not stretch to puppets, we couldn't write this post without including this video! Watch for all the little in-office gags...

Ideas to Steal:

  Personality and professionalism are not mutually exclusive - why shouldn't your recruitment video include a laugh or two?
  Involving a wide variety of employees in your video not only means you get a more authentic, approachable message - it's a fun, culture-building initiative for the staff to be involved in!

A classic - possibly the best corporate recruitment video we've ever seen.

Ideas to Steal:
  Approach your recruitment video as if it were an advertisement, because effectively it is!
  Enlist the help of skilled creative thinkers, such as a marketing agency 

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