Recruitment Advertising - Using Google AdWords to Attract Proactive Talent

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Significant sectors of talent are, right now, proactively looking for roles online. We explain how Google AdWords could be a powerful tactic in the hunt for quality candidates...

Simply put, Google AdWords is paid advertising on Google, that puts you directly in front of people who are proactively searching for what you offer. Whether you have an immediate vacancy to fill, or a strategic need to build a talent pipeline for the future, you can direct qualified leads directly to your Careers website (or straight to a specific vacancy page!) through a highly targeted Google AdWords campaign.


Google AdWords ads are the listings you see at the very top and right hand side of Google’s search results. (They're marked with a small yellow Ad icon.)


A fundamental first step in setting up a successful AdWords recruitment campaign is selecting the best keywords to target, relevant to your organisation and your staffing needs - whether you are recruiting for highly niche/specialist roles (perhaps from an international candidate pool), or recruiting for high-volume or high-turnover staffing.

One of the huge benefits of AdWords advertising is the ability to know exactly how well various keywords (and ad copy - as you choose the short message(s) you want your ad to display) are performing, so you can continually optimise your campaigns. This allows you to redistribute and prioritise budget to the ads that are bringing the most - and the best - prospective candidates through your online doors.

It gets even better, too - with AdWords, you only pay when an individual actually clicks on your ad and visits your recruitment website (or specific vacancy page!). 

  Here's a real-world example...

Imagine you had a need for Transportation Engineers. 

A well-configured AdWords campaign can put your organisation right in front of motivated professionals who are actively searching for a new role in Transportation Engineering (using keywords relevant to Transportation Engineering). 


Not only will your organisation or vacancy be put right in front of these qualified searching prospects, but you only pay per click – that is, if they are interested enough in you to actually click on the ad and visit your recruitment site. 

And you choose the size of the pool you fish from: From specific locations in NZ, through to entire countries and cities, anywhere in the world. 

With job boards becoming less and less effective, and the best talent relying more and more on their own online research to find a great job, Google AdWords could be just the high-returning recruitment channel you need.

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