The Most Powerful Recruitment Marketing Strategy. Ever.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

There is one very powerful recruitment marketing strategy that, above all others, can deliver you the best quantity and quality of candidates - all in a shorter time frame...

Employee Referral Programmes

Do 50% of your hires come from an employee referral? 

If not, you're probably spending far too much time - and money - recruiting, and not enjoying nearly the quality of talent you could be! Do you have a well thought out employee referral programme in place? If not, why ever not? Studies show that the majority of employees are very happy to participate and to actively help you source top-quality new staff members!

A well-designed referral program is especially powerful for a number of reasons... 

 The best talent (and they're already working somewhere else)

Employee referrals unearth those already-employed top prospects - people who are not even in job-search mode, they just happen to know someone who is already on your staff. Your staff will help 'sell them' on the company and the job, and their personal recommendation to candidates will be much more authentic and believable than any of your recruitment communications.

Social Media has made employee referral programmes even more powerful, as it's now even easier for your staff to build networks, spread the word about your organisation, and make contact with possible new co-workers. 

 Pre-screened by your team

Referral candidates are 5 times more likely to get hired than other candidates - this is because your current employees will essentially pre-screen candidates for you, assessing their friends and network for those with the right skills, experience and (importantly) culture fit to thrive in their workplace. 

 They slot right in...

Like attracts like, so your existing engaged employees are the most likely source of prospects who have similar attitudes and personalities. 

New hires who've come by way of an employee referral tend to also need less on-boarding and hand-holding. They get up to speed quicker because they are naturally a good fit with your team. 

 New hires that work harder, and stay longer

Employee-referred hires have been shown time and again to be the best on-the-job performers of any recruiting source. They also have much higher retention rates than other types of hires. 

 It's all in the design...

If you want to get gold from your employee referral program, you've gotta put some effort into its design - that is, both the structure of the programme (how the referral process work and what rewards you offer), and how the programme is 'dressed up' and communicated to the staff. 

That's where Fuel Agency can help. We'll partner with you to create an employee referral programme that is inviting and exciting for your team - including well-designed internal communications that promote and explain the programme, and tools your staff can use to spread the word in a way that is consistent with your brand (such as a special business card they can pass to good prospects, or an attractive 'VIP' microsite).

Ready to massively improve the quality, quantity and speed of your new hires? Contact our team today!

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