Marketing to Millennials

Monday, February 09, 2015

Within the next 10 years, over 75% of our workforce will be Millennials. Tailoring our recruitment marketing and our employer brand offer to 'Generation Me' is now a must-do. But what do Millennials want, and how can we attract the best and brightest of a whole new breed of workforce?

  Who are they?

In recruitment marketing, we talk about Millennials as being that generation after Generation X, otherwise known as Gen Y, or those born roughly between 1980 and 1996. Growing up on a diet of the Internet and social media, they are the generation who have been exposed to the most marketing and the most information about organisations. They are extremely brand-savvy and have high expectations of organisations. They are also the most educated of any generation before them, and - thanks to the Internet - have a truly global view.

  What do they want?

As a generation, Millennials were raised to believe that they could be anything they wanted to be, and that personal fulfilment and happiness should be a key driver in any job. Actually, let's scratch that word job, because they don't want just a J.O.B - they want to be a part of an organisation they love; they want to do work that they love with people they consider 'their tribe'. They want to contribute to something that helps identify and define them as unique and special.

Seeing the world as their oyster, and believing that ability and not longevity are factors for success within a business, they're not afraid to jump ship for greener pastures. They're just not that loyal, and money alone won't keep them in a company. Culture is even more important than it ever has been, the experience of working for an organisation far outweighs any pay packet for this generation. 

  So, what do we have to do?

In fact, at Fuel we say this - that Millennial (and other) candidates are now acting like consumers in their consideration of a company. And to win the best, most talented, most productive of them, we have to market to them and woo them, just like we've done with consumers.

We've spent years - and invested huge budgets - in crafting the image we present to our customers; the people who buy our products/services... and now is the time to invest in crafting the image we present to those who ultimately grow our business by delivering those products/services! 

Because - whether we embrace it or not - they will make up 75% of the workforce in just 10 short years. They will be our next sales team, our next managers, our next executives. And the best among them know their worth... and they won't settle.

The best and brightest will choose the competitor with a more dynamic, compelling brand and advertising, and not even consider those with out-dated, formulaic or banal recruitment marketing. They want to work for organisations that feel as 'plugged in' as they are, organisations who are social, organisations that feel progressive and global in their outlook, who have a living, breathing culture and who stand for something. They'll form an unshakable impression of your company through the interview and on-boarding process, and it will dictate how engaged they are with you from Day One. In a similar way to the way they instantaneously judge a new brand of clothing or smartphone, they'll evaluate your entire organisation and employment experience based on something as 'small' as how well your website is designed. 


Now is the time to begin marketing your workplace. Ask us how we can help you grow a talent pipeline and improve the quality of your hires, all while reducing time and cost to fill, and developing more engaged staff.

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