social media in recruitment - what next?

Friday, August 08, 2014

For at least the last 2 years we've been waiting for social media to do what it keeps promising (or threatening!) to do - to transform the recruitment industry. But if there is a boat to be missed, it sure is taking a veeerrry long time to depart the dock. Social recruitment success stories are thin on the ground. Has it all turned out to be a fizzer?

We say no. It’s most definitely a live one – the wick on it is just very long.
And the fact that it’s still early days? That’s something you can use to your advantage…  

If you compare social recruitment with the days when Sits Vacants first went digital, the pace is much slower. We embraced job websites and online job boards far, far quicker than we’re embracing social media. And understandably too! Social media is such a complex, multi-faceted landscape, and it’s changing more rapidly than most can keep up!

There is a definite lifecycle to technology adoption. First, the early-adopters market, a time of experimentation, risk and reward. The early adopters learn all the lessons, hash out the most effective and efficient ways to use the technology, and develop tools and techniques to make it more accessible. They pave the way for the mainstream to adopt the technology, and the practises and tools become an expected norm. The third and final phase of the lifecycle is the late market  - as in, you’ve finally arrived at the party, but it’s moved on to a cooler club.  

We are, most definitely, still in the early adopter phase of social media recruitment.  

Phew! I hear you say. I can put social recruitment to one side for now.
No - not so fast - here’s the rub…  

The unique thing about social media as a technology is that it takes time – sometimes even years – to build a community, and thus to really see the benefits of it. But if you wait till the mainstream phase to get started, the reality is you’ll be years behind. When the game really begins, don’t you want to be ready to play ball?  

But here’s the other thing. Like we said a few paragraphs ago, the boat is taking its sweet time to leave the jetty. It may hit jet-speed records once it does, but for now, it’s like powering a cruise ship with oars. And that’s what smart companies can use to their advantage.  

Now is the time to create your strategy.

Don’t jump into the boat without a clear idea of where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Like any other form of marketing, you must get clear on your strategy. Decide which social channels you will use, and which you won’t bother with. Take time to look closely at what others are doing, and then decide your own unique tactics. Make a robust plan, and set resources to execute the plan, just like you would with any other task in your business.  

And then, begin, refining as you go.  

Create some sound architectural plans, and start chipping away.  And by the time everyone else finally races to their hammers…. you’ve built Rome.  

Need a bespoke social recruitment strategy? Contact our team at Fuel Agency.

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