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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Picture the scene: you’re grabbing dinner, or thinking about getting your tyres rotated, maybe you're wondering about hiring a plumber, or finding out what’s going on somewhere you’re visiting, what do you do first? If you said “check Google” then congratulations, you’re one of the 620 million daily visitors doing the same thing. And why not? It’s great at its job and it’s everywhere. It killed Jeeves, shutout Alta Vista, pulled the plug on AOL and is so ubiquitous it’s hard to imagine a world without it.

Disclaimer: to preserve the anonymity of our clients, we’ll be using the cheesiest stock imagery in existence. Here's the hero of our story:


50,000 searches a second are run through Google’s servers and if you’re not there, you’re not anywhere. And if you’re not on the first page you may as well be invisible.

Here at Fuel we put businesses in front of millions of eyeballs every day, firing you up the search listings and getting customers on the phone.

But all this talk is like a plate without anything on it. Here’s the beef and a real-life, no foolin’, true-story as true as they come:

This is a tale about a mechanics in Tauranga. They were on Google, but they were on a page that wasn’t the first. Statistics show that less than 10% of people look past the first page of any given search, whatever it is they’re searching for.

6 months ago the mechanic’s site was receiving 26 qualified leads a month (on average) – that isn’t even one a day.

Then we started the campaign.

After 15 days the company saw a 223% increase in qualified leads, with 84 people directly engaging with the business. That’s a monumental increase and some seriously next level results. In itself that’s a tremendous boost, but why stop there?

6 months later and the site is now receiving 280 qualified leads a month – that’s nearly a 1000% increase from where they were.

For a visual representation of what that means for a business it looks like this (and yep, here as well, to preserve the anonymity of our clients, we’ll be using the cheesiest stock imagery in existence.):

Now, over 70 of those hits resulted in actual calls to the business resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of extra business, not to mention the 70 potential new customers making contact with the business every month. And when they return as repeat clients? That’s a massive boost to the good numbers, and what does that mean for our hero? Here too, to preserve the anonymity of our clients, we’ll be using the cheesiest stock imagery in existence:

Speaking of good numbers. Our lovely mechanic pays around $7 for each phonecall they receive. To give that some perspective, that’s a customer delivered to your business for the same price as a sandwich. When those customers spend $1000, or even $50, with your business then that’s nothing short of awesome, just as you deserve. Here's our hero now and yet again to preserve the anonymity of our clients, we’ll be using some cheesy, yet friendly, stock imagery:

But that’s the service industry. What about retail and e-commerce platforms?

No worries, we’ve got that covered too.

An online retailer needed some help in boosting sales and driving traffic to her digital storefront. After one month she is seeing a 5-1 return on her investment through actual sales and a healthy boost in bottom line. Previously, there were customers that would’ve gone somewhere else, but now they flock to her site and buy her awesome products.

At Fuel Agency we provide our clients with a monthly statistics report so you can see tangible proof and results. We build the campaigns that drive business results.

Call the experts. Call Fuel. We're at 07 579 5626.


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