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Thursday, September 04, 2014

What we've been busy with lately - amongst other projects - is a new Careers microsite for a great corporate client. The new Careers website will help them augment their employer brand, increase the number of direct hires, attract more interest from those talented 'window shopping' candidates, and save their HR team time and cost.

As part of our research, we've been looking at scores of other Careers websites. And, surprisingly, there are still so many that don't cut the mustard. Here are a few vital tips for creating a Careers website...

a picture says a thousand words

People don't like to read too much online. If you can deliver a message with a graphic or photograph, opt for that. Still include plenty of text content, because Search Engines need that to be able to rank you, but don't skimp on the images.

...and a video says millions

Videos are superb currency on Careers websites. Add short interviews with different staff members, a video tour of the workplace, a FAQ-style chat with someone in HR, a welcome message from the CEO...


make it mobile

Your Careers website should most definitely be optimised for viewing on a smartphone or tablet. 

More and more candidates are surfing the net from their phones (on the couch, the passenger seat of the car or from the staff lunchroom!) checking out what other job opportunities are out there. And they'll just exit and go elsewhere if your Careers site is difficult to read or navigate from a smartphone.


make it shareable

If you haven't optimised your Careers website for social media, you have kissed goodbye to untold opportunities. 

Allow job vacancies to be one-click-shareable on the visitor's social media accounts  - so they can promote your jobs to their Facebook friends, Twitter followers or LinkedIn contacts.


mirror it socially

You've gone to the effort to create some great content for your Careers website. But it shouldn't be kept only on your Careers website!

Add it to your LinkedIn Company Page, and to your Facebook Page. 

We recommend 'drip feeding' great content too, rather than dumping it all into these channels at once.


Any videos you've created should not only be added to LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter, but to YouTube too - it's free and great for your overall Search Engine Optimisation.

Use LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Facebook for more regular 'bite sized' updates - but be sure to embed a feed of this activity into your Careers site too!


keep it fresh

If you're not going to commit to regularly updating your new Careers website, you should re-think investing in one at all. Sites with content that's years old simply make your company look stale. Fresh content makes you look dynamic, progressive and inviting. And - importantly - Search Engines love websites with consistent new content!

let them apply

This one really goes without saying! Save candidates time and - more importantly - save your HR team's time and inbox, by enabling candidates to apply for roles right on your Careers website.

Include fields for mandatory information, then allow candidates to quickly upload and submit their Cover Letter and CV.

And if there's no vacancy right now, but they want to send you their details to keep on file, let them!


All applications can then be stored on the server until you're ready to access and review them.

Depending on the system you choose or build, you can 'automagically' send out branded thank-you emails to confirm their application was received, and branded 'thanks, but no thanks' emails sent to those not selected for the next phase of the recruitment process.

Ready to create a dynamic, recruitment-transforming careers website? Contact the Fuel team!

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