turning employees into advocates

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Your best employees are also the source of your next best candidates - in terms of both volume and quantity! Here are just a few ideas to help you leverage the recruiting power of your team…

share success stories

Share success stories with your candidate market - profile a range of employees from various backgrounds and departments, showing how a position in your team has added value to their professional - and personal - life.
Think about publishing these stories in a unique way. Text-based is fine, but for real traction, be a little more creative. How about a storyboard of photos showing A Day In The Life, with captions? Or a video? Or an online chat session, inviting recent graduates?

The most interesting stories can travel well beyond your own channels - think about offering them to an industry publication, local paper or tertiary institute, for example.

haven't yet initiated an employee referral programme? 

Make like Nike and Just Do It.

Make sure it's easy for your team to quickly refer opportunities via the communications medium they most like to use - be it email (create a good-looking 'Insider' type email than can be forwarded), Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or even SMS text. Your communication should be simple, clever and cross-platform.

Rather than paying a bonus only on a successful hire, think about rewarding employees even just for spreading the word. The rewards don't have to be monetary! Studies have shown that prize drawings and non-cash rewards can be just as effective. 

Offer a small incentive (an iTunes or local Cafe voucher, for example) to any employee who participates in your ERP for the first time. Once they've referred once, they're more likely to do it again.

involve your employees in recruitment brainstorming

Enlist your employees in idea-generating for your recruitment marketing. 

How would they have liked the company or role to have been marketed to them? 

Make the whole exercise a problem-solving and morale-building challenge: OK team - how can we get the best people to join us here?

Want more ideas, or perhaps a comprehensive recruitment strategy, tailor-made for your organisation? Contact Fuel Agency - we're NZ's recruitment advertising specialists.

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