what to do in a dry talent pool?

Friday, August 29, 2014

According to the most recent Roy Morgan NZ employment research, New Zealanders in paid employment are generally a very contented bunch!  In fact, 77% of Kiwi workers are satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs - the largest percentage in over a decade! So, what does that mean for NZ HR and Recruitment professionals?

Well, of course, it means that the talent pool is drier than it has ever been.

There's fewer of those talented passive candidates looking to make a job shift, and those who are 'exploring' will need more convincing than in the past.

be better

So now, more than ever, you'll need to shake things up a bit if you hope to get the attention of the best quality candidates.

You'll need to reach out through multiple channels - social media activity and a good employee referral programme, especially - and in the traditional print ads and online job boards, you'll need creative, cut-through communications that really make those 'browsers' sit up and take notice.

You'll need a strong and engaging employer brand - an authentic culture they could almost reach out and touch, a company personality, a defined set of values and team rewards.

More simply put, you need to look - and sound - better than you do now.

Better than your competitors.

Joining you needs to feel like a career and lifestyle choice, not just a pay packet.

employee recognition programmes

Roy Morgan research has also found that - beyond remuneration - recognition for one's work to be the most important ingredient for job satisfaction is influenced by certain key factors. 

Do you have a formal employee recognition system in your company? If not, you're fast being left behind.

It’s time for your employer brand to shine. Get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment marketing team and let's talk!

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