Why HR needs to get social in 2015 - and how it can...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

There are two big hairy reasons why HR teams generally avoid social media - fear/confusion that they 'won't do it right', and lack of resource to devote to this new function. But getting involved is crucial, and it can be easier than you think...


How you engage with your employees and prospective employees reflects strongly on your overall consumer brand. In fact, the thinking these days is less that there is an employer brand and a consumer brand, but more that there is just one brand - your overall brand - built from the inside, out. 

A negative or weak employer brand can dilute and even harm your consumer brand. And conversely, a dynamic, connected, loved employer brand really adds huge value to your consumer brand! Think about how much value has been built into the Bunnings brand by virtue of their employees, for example. 

More and more HR and Marketing teams are meeting to strategise and work together on building the overall brand from the inside out, and that means getting HR involved in social media activity.


If you don't feel your HR department has the content, candidate pool or capability to justify a separate social account for your employer brand, (ask us for advice if you're unsure!) you should, at a minimum, be including HR-centric content in your general company social communications. 

Aim to feed at least 2 pieces of interesting, engaging content through to your marketing team (or whoever takes care of your brand's main social channels) a month. One little gem a fortnight, that's all. Make it 'small but significant' - you can always build it up as you build your confidence with the medium.

So what's interesting, engaging content, I hear you ask? Good question! How about contacting our employer branding and recruitment marketing team? We'd love to hear from you, and help you come up with a creative 'go to' list of content options.

Over and above this content - remember, you should always (always) be sending them your new job opportunities to post, too!

Ready to take your employer brand social? So are we! Contact us and let's chat about how we can really make your recruitment marketing come alive in 2015.

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