Why marketing and HR teams need one another

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
To lure the best, and deflect the rest, HR teams need to adopt a marketing approach with their employer brand. 

We devote time and money to craft the image and messages we’re sending to those who buy our products, so why would we not do the same for the people who will ultimately grow our business by selling or making them? 

In a war for the best talent, HR must either start thinking like marketers, or start working closely with their organisation’s marketing team. 

And, in fact, it’s in the best interest of marketing teams to get involved here! Yes, the customer experience will affect the business, but so will the candidate experience. 

That awesome consumer brand that marketing have invested so much in building?  It is being diluted, even damaged, by out-dated application processes and dull-as-dishwater job ads. 

Remember - the same people who we’re trying to hire come from the same pool as those we’re trying to sell to!

  As 2014 draws to a close, now is the time to begin a conversation – HR and Marketing together – around how the employer brand can be championed in 2015. 

Set a strategic planning date in the calendar for the first week back in January. And invite the CEO, too.

Recruiting and retaining the best talent; increasing staff engagement; luring high-performers away from your competitors… these are board-level concerns. A workplace culture that’s alive and well and expressed through an authentic employer brand will deliver more cost-efficient recruitment and a better quality of staff. 

Staff who represent that all-important consumer brand beautifully. 

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