We’re a growing agency, so there’s always room here for exceptional people: especially for creative thinkers, marketing strategists, and damn good designers.

We offer the kind of environment where ideas can flourish, where you have every opportunity to do your best work.

But – before you race ahead and send us your CV – please read our What We Believe list below. 

We call these our same-pagers… as in, are you on the same page as us?


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what we believe

  • 1

    making a difference, makes a difference

    We want to do more than just exist in the world; we want to leave our mark on it. We want to enrich the lives of all those that we work for and with. The strategic and creative work we do ultimately makes a difference – to the success of brands, and to the lives of people. And by doing great work, we also change and empower our own lives and careers. We get to see our ideas become reality – jumping off the sketchbook and into the world.
  • 2

    ideas are king

    Creativity will always trump credentials. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and opinions here. We favour an open culture which recognises that good ideas can come from anywhere, where no idea is too big (or too small). Everyone is a hands-on contributor here; creative projects are truly collaborative, and you’re not bound by your job title.
  • 3

    do it with your whole, or not at all

    To be successful, we believe you must have your heart in your work, and your work in your heart. Passion, entrepreneurial drive, commitment… call it what you will, when you put your whole heart into something, amazing things happen. When you truly care about something, you’re dedicated to every detail. You give it your best. You deeply care how it turns out. That sort of ownership, love and dedication is invaluable to us here.
  • 4

    fun is serious business

    We spend some 80% of our lives at work, so it’s got to be enjoyable. And in a creative professional like ours, fun is a must – it’s the only environment in which creativity can thrive! That’s why we look for fun and laughter in the office every day - whether its watching a hilarious YouTube video, having a bake-off or taking turns to choose the studio music for the day.
  • 5

    we are family

    We’re more than colleagues at Fuel; we’re a second family. It’s a happy, fun and super-welcoming environment, where workmates share with and care for one another. After all, we spend five out of every seven days with one another! Every morning at 10, our in-house Barista makes everyone a coffee – just the way they like it. We have regular shared lunches, we laugh a lot together, and we always help out our workmates.
  • 6

    we all run the company

    Yes we have management and hierarchy, but Fuel is driven together. Everyone has ownership of how we perform as a team. Our people know they’re a vital part of an awesome vision, not a cog in a wheel. We believe that a company where only management makes decisions is a company that drives talented people away.
  • 7

    the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra

    ‘Nuff said.
  • 8

    we look for everyday heroes

    Fuel people are special. They’re talented, naturally gifted. And driven together, they create one indomitable force – combining their skills, resources and expertise. 

    But makes them truly great is their passion and heart. Heroes don’t see themselves as having just a J.O.B – clock in, clock out, go home. They’re willing to do whatever it takes, to go the extra mile, to save the day. It’s in their blood to want to help their colleagues and clients. And they’ll give their very best even when no one is looking. 

    We reward our heroes well.
  • 9

    agility is as important as ability

    Ours is a dynamic, ever-changing environment – ideal for those who are comfortable wearing many hats than settling for a blinkered focus, those who can adapt and change tack rather than get locked into process, those who see the big picture. Because the most important thing is getting the job done.
  • 10

    people should be able to shape their own careers

    We believe it’s important to constantly challenge and stretch yourself, and we encourage our people to do just that. The environment here allows you to try new things, seek new solutions, learn by doing, and take up all sorts of opportunities. As a result, you can grow and develop new skills quickly, and enjoy a very versatile career.