Employer Brand Development

To attract and retain the best people, you need a visible, compelling employer brand.

An investment in your employer brand is a solid one. A strong employer brand will benefit your business and your bottom line, as well as:

Employer branding is a growing priority not only for progressive HR teams but, more and more, for marketing departments and executive management.

Employer Branding Process

Together, we’ll discover what makes you a special company to work for and how you’ll need to be perceived if you want to capture and/or keep the best and brightest talent.

The process begins with discovering the DNA of your organisation and distilling this into a compelling brand story - your values and personality, benefits and culture; the things that make you the best around.

A Word on your Consumer Brand

Your employer brand can support and strengthen (or weaken and undermine) your overall consumer brand.

We work hand in hand with your HR and Marketing Departments to make sure your new employer brand is one that strengthens, inspires, and fundamentally adds value to your consumer brand.

Communicating your Employer Brand

We can help with:

Marketing the Workplace: