Employee Referral Programmes

Study after study shows that employee referrals deliver significantly better quality candidates,more quickly, than any other recruiting method.

Employees who are hired through staff referral come with all sorts of benefits for your business. As well as costing far less to recruit, they typically stay longer with the company, and are a better cultural fit, too. 

And unlike traditional recruitment advertising, word-of-mouth sourcing gives you access to passive candidates, those elusive talents who’re not actively looking for a new job, but who might be keen to move when encouraged by a friend or industry peer.

Employee referral should ideally generate about 30% of your recruits. How many of your new recruits come by way of employee referral at the moment?

What if you could substantially increase your percentage of hires made from employee-initiated referrals? What impact would this have on your recruiting budget and bottom line?

Done right, an Employee Referral Programme can be the most powerful recruitment strategy you've ever used. So, let us help you create and communicate your most engaging Employee Referral Programme ever.


Programme Creation


Deploying the Programme

 Communicating the programme can be done through a combination of channels, including: