Recruitment Advertising

Jason Marra founded Fuel Agency close to 10 years ago, after managing an international recruitment advertising company.

He knew HR teams needed (and deserved!) more from their recruitment advertising and communications – more creativity, more strategy and more care.

“The industry takes a narrow focus of what recruitment advertising is, and to be blunt, it’s often after the easy dollar without considering what’s in the client’s long term interests. I have built an agency that recognises that recruitment advertising isn’t a one-off event, but an ongoing, strategic process that’s critical to the success of just about every organisation.”

- Jason Marra, Director

For a company with its roots in recruitment advertising, unsurprisingly it is still one of our greatest strengths:

Best-In-Class Recruitment Solutions

Let our passionate team put their expert knowledge and creative talent to work for you. From creative classifieds through to interactive online campaigns, we will craft a bespoke solution that meets your exact needs.

Planning through to Production

From go to woah, we can help. Give us your brief and your budget and let us put together a complete recruitment media plan for you - across print and online channels, and at the lowest negotiated rates available. We’ll schedule and book it all for you, and then develop advertising creative will make people sit up and take notice.

We’ve developed hundreds of nationwide campaigns, along with international recruitment campaigns targeting talent in the UK, Australia and the Middle East.

Attracting Passive Candidates

80% of your possible workforce aren’t actively looking for a job – they’re not searching job boards. We can harness the power of online to target and engage those talented passive candidates.

High Volume of Hires?

Clients with high hiring volumes love our Fuel Additives system. We developed it specifically with busy HR professionals in mind! It’s an online dashboard that lets you order your media in just minutes.

We design a suite of flexible print and online templates for you, and then you simply order your advertising through the step-by-step system. Easy, quick, no-fuss!

Like a no-obligation demo of Fuel Additives? Get in touch!