Social Media for Recruitment & Retention

To reach those talented passive candidates, and to engage more with your current staff, we need to communicate with them where they congregate – on social media.

Talent are already checking your organisation out on social media platforms.They're judging you - seeing if you 'connect' with them, assessing what it would be like to work for you.  

Social media offers powerful platforms on which to build a talent community; reaching out to prospective candidates and sharing workplace stories, culture, and vacancies.

And social media doesn’t just deliver recruitment results – it can be a highly effective tool for retention too, engaging current staff more richly with your organisation.

Of course, none of this is news to you. HR professionals these days are acutely aware of social media as a means of attracting and connecting with talent – it's just that they generally lack the time or resources to actually develop a communications strategy and deploy the project… until now!


Set Up and Grow

Ready, Set, Engage

Reporting Back

If we're taking care of your recruitment social media, you'll get a clear and concise monthly report so you know what activity has gone on, how people are engaged, and what results you’re getting.