Australia Post
May 18, 2023
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Australia Post



Simplified brand and product architecture, new brand platform and communications campaign, retail and digital environment design.


Georgina, our strategist was the director of the brand strategy team that lead this transformation. The mandate from the new CEO was to ‘put the Australia back in Australia Post.’ Show a human side to the business and reflect the critical role it plays in the community after a decade of the business pushing an efficiency and innovation message. 


18 month project that engaged hundreds of staff from GMs through to Posties, to capture the values and personality of the organisation and build this into the brand identity and a new comms strategy. We articulated the brand narrative as ‘The backbone’ of Australia, and this ‘backbone’ was seen as a visual asset across all touchpoints. 



Simplified brand and product architecture New brand platform (comms campaign) Retail and digital environment design etc.