Under Armour
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Under Armour

We developed a media strategy and plan to introduce the new HOVR footwear range to a younger, more active, health conscious and brand aware customer.

Once the campaign was in market, all product sold out in the first six weeks!


Using media research and insights we uncovered the media habits of this younger audience. This helped us decide the best media channels for this campaign. We had a limited budget, and recommended a split over digital (40%) and outdoor (60%).

We used a combination of animated display and video ads to target our key audience using demographic modelling, in-store geo-fencing and online behaviour modelling.

Outdoor advertising (OOH) was used to reach our audience and a wider mass audience to build awareness of the new footwear range and the Under Armour brand.

A large component of the spend was using large format digital billboards in Auckland’s CBD.

Campaign results

The product sales speak for themselves, within the first six weeks of the three month campaign all product stock was sold out.

As an accredited media agency, we saved the client 64% on their media spend.

And generated great value, results and reach by delivering
- 7.7 million ad impressions at an average CMP of $10.02 across all three channels – outdoor, display and video.
- Just under 4 million impressions at an overall CPM of$7.60 for the digital component.
- 3.78 million views for outdoor giving an impressive CPM of $12.20.