How do I get the best out of my creative agency

‍In today's challenging market, businesses rely on creative agencies to drive brand awareness, engage audiences, and ultimately boost revenue. Whether you're a startup or a well-established company, partnering with a creative agency can be a game-changer.

March 14, 2024

Simply hiring an agency isn't enough; to truly harness its full potential, you need to establish a productive and collaborative relationship. Here are some tips for getting the best out of your creative agency:

Get to know the whole team

Kick off a new relationship with your agency by getting to know the whole team.  Understand who your day-to-day contact is, who makes up the creative team and who manages the operations and financial aspects of the agency business.

Share knowledge

You know your brand and industry inside out, but your agency is still getting up to speed. Sharing industry knowledge, category research and insights can help speed up the initial discovery stage and keep your agency on top of trends and changes that affect your business.

Know what your end goal is

Articulate your business goals and objectives and clearly define how these will be measured and what success looks like. If these change, communicate these to your agency too.

Provide clear, detailed briefs

A good brief serves as a clear project roadmap for your creative agency. The more context you provide, the better equipped the agency will be to deliver results that hit your goals. Clearly outline your target audience, brand guidelines, messaging, and any other important information.

Brief in person

Take the time to run through the brief. Make sure deliverables and timings are clear, and work through any questions together to make sure you are all on the same page before kicking off a project.

Understand the creative process

Every agency works differently, so make sure before any work is underway you understand the creative process and what to expect at each stage.

Communicate early and often

Effective communication is key to a successful agency partnership. Establish open lines of communication at the start and encourage regular check-ins and updates. Be transparent about your expectations, preferences, and any changes in direction to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Cultivate a long-term partnership

Building a strong relationship with your creative agency takes time and effort. Instead of treating each project as a one-off engagement, strive to cultivate a long-term partnership based on trust, respect, and shared goals.

Be open to feedback.

Be willing to be challenged with feedback, suggestions, and recommendations. Constructive criticism can lead to stronger, more impactful creative work.

Giving your agency clear feedback through the process is important too, it’s good to know what we are doing well, or ways we can make things work better for you.

Encourage creativity

As a brand guardian, you need to guide your agency on your creative expectations without stifling the creative process. Allow your agency freedom to explore innovative ideas and concepts. One of the reasons for working with a creative agency is to bring fresh perspectives or ideas to the table.

Celebrate success

When a project is completed successfully, take the time to celebrate achievements and acknowledge the hard work of your business and agency partners. Recognition and positive reinforcement can foster a strong working relationship built on mutual respect and appreciation.

These are just some of the ways you can unlock the full potential of your creative agency and drive meaningful results for your business. Remember, collaboration is key, so approach your partnership with an open mind and a willingness to embrace creativity.

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