Building brands from the inside out

When you build a brand from the inside out, you don’t just have customers and staff – you have fans and ambassadors.
You create a brand that is loved – by the public, and by the people who work for it.

What we do is both a science and an art. We take the essential elements of communication - market, media and message - and craft the perfect formula to spark a reaction – a connection, a click here, a call, an apply now, a yes.

Want transformative change for your brand?
Explosive growth for your business?    

Fuel can be the catalyst.

We create brands that both customers and talent want to connect with.

"Fuel has transformed the client-agency relationship for us with their results-focused approach and unmatched attention to detail."

Auckland Council

our team

  • Account Managers

    Account Managers

    Account Managers

    Our Account Managers aren’t suity sales types – they’re each highly experienced marketing strategists and media planners in their own right.

    Your Account Manager is your go-to project leader, your business consultant, and your proactive ideas bank.

  • Marketing Strategist

    Marketing Strategist

    Marketing Strategist

    When you’ve got a destination you want to reach, we’ll craft the best route to get there. We keep our scope broad but our focus tight.

    It’s about devising the right message, for the right market, in the right media. Clever and creative, we’ve repeatedly proven our ability to change the way people think and act – whether those people are your staff or your customers, or both.

  • Creative Director

    Creative Director

    Creative Director

    A good Creative Director is, foremost, a lover of ideas. Great big transformative ideas, and scrappy little ideas that punch above their weight. Ideas that resonate, ideas that engage, ideas that move.

    Our Creative Director nurtures and shapes these sparks, giving them voice and form. Then they work with our designers and copywriters to see the idea come to life, creating a campaign that will reach out and grab your audience.

  • Graphic Designers

    Graphic Designers

    Graphic Designers

    It’s our job to make you look good. Our team of senior designers and production hands work together to craft everything from business cards to billboards to brand identities.

  • Copywriters



    A design studio without a copywriter is all style, no substance. Whether you need a sharp-as-a-tack advertisement, a Press Release, Search Engine Optimised website copy or a corporate manifesto, we’ve got the write stuff. Pun regretfully intended.

  • Video Producer

    Video Producer

    Video Producer

    Want a dynamic intro for your website? Great idea. Need an induction video to welcome new recruits the right way? We can do it. How about a YouTube campaign for clicks? Sorted. Live action or motion graphics, from storyboard to post-production.

  • Media Planners

    Media Planners

    Media Planners

    The media landscape is more complex than the New York subway system. We're here to help you navigate it. We have an exceptional knowledge of and experience across all print, online and environmental media channels, and can develop a media schedule to fit your objectives and your budget. Oh, and did we mention we negotiate the best rates available in New Zealand?

  • Online Specialists

    Online Specialists

    Online Specialists

    Our online experts think strategy first, then solution. Let us show you the best way to harness the power of online for your unique objectives – maybe a robust Search Engine Optimisation focus, a social media promotion to engage new customers, or a laser-targeted ad campaign where you only pay for clicks.

  • Finance & Administration

    Finance & Administration

    Finance & Administration

    Every t crossed, every i dotted. And one super-efficient port of call for any accounts or administrative questions.

  • Employer Branding Specialists

    Employer Branding Specialists

    Employer Branding Specialists

    We are leaders in employment branding and recruitment marketing and have specialised in this category for close to 10 years.

    In fact, Fuel was created from the burning belief that clients in the recruitment industry could be better served. Founder Jason Marra – today still at the helm – has built an agency that recognises that recruitment advertising isn’t a one-off event, but an ongoing, strategic process that’s critical to the success of just about every organisation.

    Jason, armed with over 20 years marketing and specialist employer branding experience and on a passionate mission to make a difference, leads the team from a strategic approach. 
He is involved with all client accounts providing invaluable high-level advice.

    Companies who want to attract and retain the best talent come to us.

"We can always count on Fuel to deliver a project on time and on budget. They go the extra mile to achieve this and are agile when we have to make last minute changes. Nothing is ever a problem!"

Horizons Regional Council Communications Team

some of our clients

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Under one roof, we strategise, develop and design the full range of branding & advertising services.

Digital Marketing Case Study- August edition.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Recently here at Fuel we've had the chance to do some fantastic and rather important campaigns for some great organisations around the country. In this instalment we're going to focus on 2 particular campaigns focusing on the power of digital marketing and the results a well run and well-managed campaign can have when you need to get the message out. 


Sultans of Search

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Picture the scene: you’re grabbing dinner, or thinking about getting your tyres rotated, maybe you're wondering about hiring a plumber, or finding out what’s going on somewhere you’re visiting, what do you do first? If you said “check Google” then congratulations, you’re one of the 620 million daily visitors doing the same thing. And why not? It’s great at its job and it’s everywhere. It killed Jeeves, shutout Alta Vista, pulled the plug on AOL and is so ubiquitous it’s hard to imagine a world without it.


10 Awesome LinkedIn Company Banners To Inspire Yours

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

With a little effort (or the help of our Fuel Agency design team!) your LinkedIn Company Page can become a dynamic piece of employer branding - to lift you above your competitors and showcase what's special about your workplace. These recruitment teams have done a brilliant job with that simple LinkedIn rectangle...  


Ready, Set, Social! Social Media for Recruitment - Content Ideas

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

It's all very well telling you to engage with your candidate community on social media channels, but what are you supposed to talk about? Inspired by some of NZ's best Careers accounts, we've rounded up a swag of ideas on content you can share... 


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